Social Media Marketing Benefits for Your Company

Social media is one of the most important avenues for marketing and advertising in today’s modern marketing climate. Many businesses all over the world have discovered the benefits of social media marketing. They’ve seen how it can help them achieve success as well as growth in various areas. By spending a few hours a week, business owners and marketers can easily increase their brand’s traffic, recognition, and sales with almost no cost.

More than 90% of marketers also claim that their social media efforts generated huge exposure for the brands they campaign. Another 80% also admitted that they gained more traffic because of social media. Considering just these two points, it is enough reason why social media shouldn’t be ignored.

If you’re still hesitant about using social media, we’ve listed down the benefits of social media, which will convince you otherwise.

Increase Brand Recognition With Targeted Social Media Campaigns

Brand recognition is one of the major benefits of social media. More than half of the world’s population uses Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Thus, these platforms are a natural place for businesses to reach their target audience. When businesses create social media profiles and start posting interesting content, audiences will start recognizing the business. It will be easier for them to recall a business’s name, product or services.

In other words, social media is a fantastic platform to introduce your brand to people. Businesses can introduce themselves and their wares without shoving it in the faces of their audiences. Each post created and shared on social media will introduce the business to many people. This will make them into potential customers. The more people reached by each post, the more people will know about the brand.

Gain Brand Loyalty Through Tasteful Customer Engagement

One goal of most businesses is to generate loyal customers. Fortunately, social media is a great platform to gain brand loyalty. According to reports, brands that are very active on social media gain great brand loyalty from their followers. This is one reason why businesses should stay active on social media. A brand that is active, interesting and helps on social media, will gain followers. These followers will less likely choose another brand.

Improve your Customer Service By Answering Questions On Social Networks

People today expect brands on social media and they often seek them out for customer support. According to a Harvard Business Review, brands that don’t appear on social media end up losing profits and customers. Even with a dedicated customer service hotline or local office, a business should be able to handle basic customer concerns through something like social media, even if just to feed into a general ticket system, call center, or service center.

Social media allows customers to easily raise concerns and questions. They want a guarantee that when they have a problem they can get help easily. Using social media to easily answer concerns, questions or even complaints will allow others to see the quality of a business’ customer service. If a brand takes time to compose a personal reply, audiences will see it in a positive light.

Acquire Audience Insight Through Social Analytics

One of the valuable benefits of social media is the audience insight businesses can acquire. By engaging with your audience, it is easy to know their needs, thoughts and wants. By monitoring profiles, it is easy to see the opinions, interests, habits, and preferences of customers. Businesses can also identify and assess what people say about their business, products or service. All of these combined can give useful insight into future marketing campaigns.

Better Opportunities to Convert

With a strong social media presence, businesses gain better opportunities to convert. Every post, video, image or comment shared can lead audiences to the business’ website. Possibly, it could lead to another sale.  According to a study by HubSpot, there’s a 100% higher lead-to-close rates in social media when compared to outbound marketing. In addition, brands that are active on social media are often mentioned to a friend. This increases the opportunity to make a sale.

Higher Google Rankings

Today, it’s not enough to simply optimize your website. Same with creating good content and providing regular blog updates to boost your Google rankings. Social media is now part of the equation. Businesses that often share content on social media will inform Google crawlers that they’re a legitimate, credible and trustworthy brand. Actively posting on social media would help boost ranks for particular keywords.

We have to admit that most people use Google to search for information and won’t go past the first page. Thus, if the business isn’t ranked on the top, perhaps it is time to adjust the strategy and become active on social media.

Improve Brand Authority

With a well-maintained social media presence, businesses can build brand authority. The more high-quality content posted and shared, the higher is the authority. Moreover, the more fans or followers a brand has, the more authority it gains.

Once the brand establishes authority, it becomes a leader in its industry. Although having social media followers matters, it is wrong to buy them just to look authoritative. Businesses should aim to build a strong following base naturally. They can build a following base by creating, posting and sharing relevant information and links, having conversations and more.

Gain more Inbound Traffic

Without social media marketing, inbound traffic is limited to Google search engine results and usual customers. Without social media marketing, it would be difficult to reach outside of your usual circle of customers. By sharing and resharing social media posts, businesses can amplify their reach. Businesses can also gain clicks from those who have never heard of them.

Become an Influencer

When a business gains followers, its influence grows. If many people talk about it on social media, it gains authority and value to users. Interacting with other influencers on social media will also increase a business’s authority as well as reach. If the business shares more valuable info, more and more readers will share the content. Thus, this makes a business an influencer in its industry.

Save Money

Social media marketing is perhaps the most cost-efficient marketing strategy. The platform is free already. Signing up and creating an account costs nothing. Even paying for promotions doesn’t cost much compared to the usual marketing strategies. It also brings higher returns on investment. Most of all, businesses can retain a portion of their marketing budget. This can then be used in other endeavors. The only thing businesses need to spend much on social media marketing is time.

Actually, there’s no reason for you not to implement a social media marketing campaign. It is cost-effective and there’s nothing for you to lose. Most of all, the benefits of social media will help your business grow. Others are already on social media, so don’t get left behind.

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