Social Media Is A Great Opportunity for Businesses

Nowadays, businesses and organizations should harness the power of social media if they want to grow their brand and make themselves known. From Facebook posts to Twitter tweets, social network presents endless opportunities to business. With these opportunities, any businessman who has yet to try social media marketing should start creating a strong social media presence. It will bring great value to the business as well as value to consumers.

The Statistics

  • 75% and 83% of male and female users are on Facebook.
  • 36% of female internet users use Instagram while male users are at 26%.
  • 81% of adults ages 18-34 (Millenials) visit Twitter once a day.
  • 22% of the world’s population are on Facebook.
  • LinkedIn has 450 million users.
  • YouTube reaches more people than any other cable network in the country.
  • Facebook is the widely used social media site with 79% of U.S. internet users, 68% of which are adults.
  • Instagram ranks second with 32%, Pinterest third with 31%, LinkedIn at 29% and Twitter at 24%.
  • Last 2016, Facebook had 1.6 billion daily visitors.
  • About 80% social media site visit is done on mobile.
  • Millions of businesses use social media websites; in fact, 50 million businesses have Facebook pages.
  • 2 million businesses advertise using Facebook.
  • 56% of adult internet users visit more than one social media site.
  • 98% of LinkedIn posts with photos get more comments and posts containing link has a higher engagement rate, which is at 200%.
  • Every day, around 100 million hours of videos are viewed by Facebook users

A Treasure Trove of Information

Social media websites generate large amount of information from your customers. On average there are more than 500 million tweets every day and 10 million likes and shares every day on Facebook. These staggering numbers means you have a treasure trove of information about your target customers. You can know about who they are, what they want and what they can say about your business or brand.

Through daily activities, listening and research, you can acquire useful data that can help your business and make better decisions that would propel your business forward. It is also possible acquire information about your competitors and learn about their actions, engagements, activities and even their social media campaign.

Increase Your Brand’s Recognition

Social networking sites give you the valuable opportunity to make your brand visible to consumers. Each social network, whether Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, is a channel to talk about your brand. Your social media campaign will help consumers recognize you. For instance, a Facebook user would learn about your business after finding a shared post from his or her friends. Or perhaps, a customer would become more interested about your products and services after seeing your brand on various social media site.

Create Loyalty

According to research, brands that engage consumers on social networking sites receive higher customer loyalty. Furthermore, consumers that follow brands on Facebook or Twitter are more loyal to them than those brands they don’t follow. Thus, this is another reason why it presents a huge opportunity to businesses. It presents an avenue wherein you can connect to your audience and influence them.

Improve Conversion Rates

Every post on Facebook and every tweet on Twitter is a great opportunity to convert potential customers. Once your social media site builds a strong following, you’ll have a huge list of potential customers that you can interact with. Every interaction will be a chance to convince them and eventually lead to conversion. The fact that interaction on social media makes you more human, potential customers would likely do business with you than with other companies. In addition, having a huge number of followers on social media tend to increase one’s credibility and trust, which also improves conversion rates.

Improve Customer Experience

Nowadays, most consumers expect every business to be present on social networking sites. Almost 70%of customers got to social media to find answers to their questions and concerns. For them, social media is a great way to receive customer service and they expect quick response and round the clock support. Usually, those businesses that deliver eventually win. Studies show that businesses that use social media websites to engage with customers and provide customer service acquire bigger sales and financial gains.

Improve SEO Efforts

Having a presence on various social networking sites as well as running a social media campaign helps increase your web traffic and search engine rankings. Social media directs users to your website. Furthermore, every social media shares will boost your link building efforts; each content posted on social media and how often they are shared or retweeted strengthens your Google standings.  Most of all, it increases your credibility and relevance to search engines.

Decreases Marketing Expenses

Unlike traditional marketing strategies, you need very little time, effort and money to generate an increased amount of traffic. You need to spend at least an hour a day to develop your content and manage your social pages. Also, advertising on Facebook and Twitter is way cheaper than TV advertising, radio and billboards.

Overall, you need to harness the power of social media right now! If not, you are losing more than you have imagined. If you do it right, you can get more customers, traffic and conversions. You’ll extend your business’ reach and you’ll experience bigger growth than before.

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